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Team Fortress 2 Release Date : Oct 9th!!!

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The Orange Box, including Half-Life Episode 2 (standalone), Portal, and (drum roll.....) Team Fortress 2 will be in stores October 9th. October friggin 9th!!!

It's only been six years or so, since it was first pushed back. I'm only a little excited. I can only speak sarcastically right now... a little.

I know I'm setting myself up here, but I believe that they are going to stick to this one. First off, they have been showing more and more of it in the trailers. Second, this is probably one of those projects that they just wanna get done with - not because they have any clue how popular it's going to be, or because it's sheer superior quality demands for it to reach the outside world
. It's gotta come out soon because Valve is probably sick of dealing with it all the time. I bet at least half of their staff doesn't remember a time when Team Fortress wasn't in development. It just became that project that hung around, no matter how much or how little work was put into it. It just wouldn't die, and it just wouldn't leave the house. Reminds me of a cousin of mine.

Another reason is probably the targeted involvement of Xbox 360. That has become a serious task in development. Now, since consoles - especially new consoles still trying to make those big signature titles that will define the system - make more money than PC titles, there is more financial incentive for Valve to make a bigger impact in the world of consoles, and in that (and only that) way, this is great timing for TF2.

This is me shouting from the rooftops. Team Fortress 2 - October 9th!! Portal - October 9th!! Half-Life:Episode 2 - October 9th!!

Oh, almost forgot - http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/half-life-2-orange-box/796824p1.html


Blogger FOX said...

Here's hoping! Valve is usually never off by more then a year...

9:17 PM  
Blogger Yooka the Medic said...

lol. very lol. :)

10:44 PM  

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