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Coming Soon: Uber-Categories

Ok, kiddies, we're gonna have a little format change in regards to this blog.

Yes, it's still going to be your leading resource for all news, rumors, strategies, tragedies, comedies, hype, gripe, gonads and strife... regarding Team Fortress, Team Fortress 2, and to a lesser degree... previous Team Fortress releases.

But now, since I'm trying to keep this as my main writing focus, and it's not like there is breaking news daily on this game right now, AND since I said I would be mixing things up, writing about other topic, but trying to tie them into Team Fortress... I will also be writing about more things than just Team Fortress here in, from now on. In fact, there will be articles that have little or nothing to do with Team Fortress. It's likely that I'll have as many articles with no trace of TF content as I do articles centered totally around TF.

But I don't want to lose my fanbase (all two of you) either. There should be a way for you readers to know, prior to committing to reading, whether this is a TF or non-TF article. So here's how I will do this.


There will be several categories of blog entries. They are as follows.

  • BIG TF NEWS! This is what we're leading with. This is the stuff we want the search engines and directories to know us for. We also want to know why we are referring to ourselves in plural form. There's only one of us, and it's me.

  • TF Tidbit. This will be a minor development in the Team Fortress scene. Maybe hints, quotes, reports. That sort of thing. Nothing earth-shattering, that is for the previous category.

  • TF Comparison. This is a fun little segment for me, because since I am incurably obsessed with Team Fortress, I see it in many other activities that I consider fun. So I want to share the resemblences with the world, both to educate newbies, and to amuse veterans.

  • TF Chalkboard. This is a strategy topic. Whether it is an in-depth look at advanced play, like conc-jumping, or a more abstract concept, like how to measure a good balance of offense and defense on a new map. These will not be as frequent, but when they come around they will be quite long, and of a high quality. Much like myself in bed. :)

  • Wrestling. Really off-topic stuff. But it's one of my other major active interests, and occasionally, I just need to vent about it. It may interest some to read how a fairly intelligent man who knows it is all scripted (and writes 4000 as easy as he combs his hair), views wrestling. I said "some people". I know it will probably not be for "most".

  • Sports. Kinda the same as above, only less subjected to ridicule.

  • Academia. Sometimes I just have a good point, and I wanna make the world a little better by sharing it. These are the least likely pieces to make you "ROFLGASM".

  • Random Zaniness. These are the most likely to make you ROFLGASM. Just miscellaneous silliness. Maximus. Omnibus. I-missed-da-bus.

  • Random Awesomeness. These are very similar to the last two categories. Sometimes I just realize or discover something so friggin cool, I just have to share it, or talk about it.

  • Internet Gold. This is just like the last one, only if it can be linked to on the net, or transcribed, it will be done in this category, and with this tag/banner.

Right. That's what these categories all mean. Every post will soon have a banner like this, so you know if you wanna read it or now. And of course, I'll be adding a category column to that sidebar over on the left.

I'm sure in the next few days, I'll get all those banners done, and have a link to show them all off.


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