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For Shame, planetfortress.com

4 Shame indeed.

Part of the reason I feel so strongly about creating a site/blog to sing the praises and incite the crazes of Team Fortress is that I feel there is a very substantial niche out there, who is not only chomping at the bit for more info on this undoubtedly great follow-up game... but also due to the fact that gamespy isn't really giving it that much press.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that there really isn't alot of detail on this bad boy. I fully realize that they can't exactly do much more than they have done in regards to putting TF2 on gamespy.com. But what I am talking about is their sub-site system, of having "planet" sites for each genre or gameline (I guess making gamespy the sun on this system?)

Along with planetquake.com and planetbattlefield.com, gamespy has had http://planetfortress.com for almost as long as they've had planetquake. Seriously, it's an old, old game, the original Team Fortress. You just wait until I'm desperate enough to give up the ole' screeners from Team Fortress based off of Quake 1. That'll be some pixelly bloggin, I assure you. And the word "pixelly" isn't too many other places on the internet, that too I am fairly certain of (Ok, not at all, but I talk a good game).

Anyways, my point is that they have a perfectly good domain, and they, more than any other site out there, has ties to both the original game, and through that the original fanbase.

So why am I peeved at gamespy? Because they aren't, and will not be doing anything major with this site. Right now, the only new hype about TF2 is the trailer, and about three lines leading it to it.


On the forums, one of the admins revealed that the gamespy bosses feel that since Team Fortress' future lies entirely with Half-Life, that all TF coverage will be from within the planethalflife subsite.

While this idea has some merits, I feel it forces the Team Fortress community from developing it's own separate identity. Mods like Counter Strike and Team Fortress surpass the games that they are based off of - in the eyes of many gamers, anyway. And just like parents eventually wish for their offspring to venture out and develop their own identities and lives, so too should Valve push for Team Fortress to grow like Counter-Strike did - enough to make a real name for itself apart from the games it is packaged with - much like Counter-Strike has, with its console version.


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