A resource for all news, strategies, media, and events pertaining to Team Fortress 2, for PC, coming this fall from Valve - bundled with Half-Life Episode 2 and Portal

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Ok. Here is the deal with this page.

Eventually, I'm am going to try to use this blog as a resource. I will scour the net, trying to find as much info on Team Fortress 2 - The HalfLife 2 game for your PC - and make this blog an invaluble resource to the gaming community.

The problem is that I need to learn some CSS, and until we're ready to launch, this page is under HEAVY construction. I mean heavy. Lots of experimenting. You're probably noticing how disgusting this page is now.

Do NOT assume that's how it's going to remain. Visit back sometime. See if I got anything good. You won't regret it.Capt. Jack Sparrow and WWE Champ John Cena VS Blade and Paris Hilton. Tkae that search engines.


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