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Aaaaaand it's official

I don't care anymore. I ran out. All out of care. I don't know if it's been 50/50 work and personal stuff, or more one than the other. Either way, although I did a decent job before the last 4 weeks of SEOing this blog (by my standards) and having good content, I just don't really wanna do it anymore. I'm not even really excited about TF2. It's like someone is spiking me with Zoloft or something.

Anyway, for those few fanatics who still swing by to see if I have any info, I suggest www.totaltf2.com . They seem to be quite up on things over there, in as far as content, forums and regular updates. I'll be very curious to see if they can compete with whatever is considered the "official" forums for this game, which back in the day, used to be planetfortress.

So since it is unlikely I'll be updating this again anytime soon, let me say farewell, and I'll see you in 2fort.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

something something something .. catacombs is the top TF2 site.

something something something complete.

oh, and then something something something spam, which was removed. thus this silliness.

- Y

9:07 AM  
Blogger nerinossa said...

All out of care

3:36 PM  

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